Issue tracker

The Issue tracker serves mainly as a place to report bugs and request new features.
Please do not abuse it as a general questions or troubleshooting location.

General troubleshooting

For these questions please use Discussions. Add your enquiry
to appropriate category and as always, include a reproducible code example when applicable (see code example guidelines below).

You can also use the mpdf tag
at Stack Overflow
as the StackOverflow user base is more likely to answer you in a timely manner.
When doing so, make sure you comply to StackOverflow question guidelines.

Bug reports

Feature requests

Feature requests have to be labeled as such and have to include reasoning for the change in question.

Pull requests

Pull requests should be always based on the default development
branch except for backports to older versions.


When updating a PR, do not create a new one, just git push --force to your former feature branch, the PR will
update itself.